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Non Woven Fabric
Non-woven fabrics are used for a number of applications like apparel linings, bibs, abrasives & sheets for scouring, automobile headliners and more. These are also ideal for garments, clothing and decoration purposes. Non-woven fabrics are extremely versatile in nature and light weighted.
Non Woven Fabric Roll
Non-woven fabric rolls come in a variety of appealing colours like blue, beige, white, yellow, orange, red etc. These are attributed with properties like softness, liquid repellence, absorbency, stretch, flame retardancy and so on. Non-woven fabric rolls also provide bacterial barrier.
Non Woven Bag
Non-woven bags are 100% recyclable, pure, skin-friendly and biodegradable. These are used for storage and carrying purpose in several industrial, commercial and residential areas as well. Non-woven bags are light in weight, highly strong, non-toxic, durable and reusable.
Face Mask
Face masks are fabricated for covering mouth area and nose for the prevention of bacteria, germs and pollutants. These are attached with two elastic bands on each side that goes behind the ears for support. Face masks are skin-friendly, light weighted and comfortable.
Medical Body Suit
Medical body suits are designed especially for creating a barrier against contaminants, bacteria, germs and infections like covid-19. These provide full coverage in order to protect the wearer. Medical body suits have zipper or cloth tapers in them for sealing purpose.